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Kitchen King Masala - The Heart of Indian Cuisine

Kitchen King Masala offers a unique mix of 25 traditional spices and multiplies the taste of dishes without much effort. It makes it one of the most sought-after masalas in India.

What Is Kitchen King Masala and How Is It Used?

Indian cuisine is incomplete without spices. And it is where the king of masalas, Kitchen King Masala, comes into the picture. It is an aromatic blend of different spices. Some people confuse it with Garam Masala, but the Kitchen King Masala is one of a kind. 

This strong dark brown curry powder is used in moderation and sprinkled once the dish is cooked. It is a versatile spice that can enhance the taste of any dry sabzi, dal, or gravy. But that is not it. Kitchen King Masala is not only flavoursome, but it is also good for health due to its ingredients.

Ingredients of the Kitchen King Masala

Here are the 25 ingredients that make up one of the Kitchen King Masalas in India:

  1. Coriander seeds

  2. Dry mango powder

  3. Cumin

  4. Kashmiri red chilli

  5. Red chilli

  6. Turmeric

  7. Black salt

  8. Dry mint

  9. Fenugreek seeds

  10. Fennel seeds

  11. Asafoetida

  12. Black pepper

  13. Yellow mustard seeds

  14. Black cardamom

  15. Green cardamom

  16. Cloves

  17. Cinnamon

  18. Dry ginger

  19. Bay leaves

  20. Caraway

  21. Mace

  22. Pipal

  23. Nutmeg

  24. Dry fenugreek leaves

  25. Star anise

What are the Benefits of Consuming Kitchen King Masala?

Here are the top health benefits of the Kitchen King Masala:

  • Improves Digestion – Cumin helps stimulate the digestion process. It may help in curing issues like diarrhoea, gas, and uneasiness. 

  • Antibacterial – Turmeric is loaded with curcumin. It offers anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. Moreover, it is also good for our heart and liver, as well as for our stomach. 

  • Rich in Vitamins – Fenugreek, garlic, coriander, cumin, and black pepper are rich in magnesium, calcium, and iron. Apart from this, they also contain vitamins C, A, and D.

How to Use the Kitchen King Masala in your Dishes?

Vegetarian dishes are mostly cooked with chopped tomatoes, onion, garlic, and ginger as a base. When all these ingredients are cooked well in oil, reduce the flame, and add Kitchen King Masala. It will release a delicious aroma instantly. 

Keep the flame minimal, as high heat can burn the masala. The Kitchen King Masala is dark brown in colour and strong in flavour. So, it is only used in small quantities, added after the dish is cooked. Around two to three tablespoons of this masala are enough for a four-person dish. You can also refer to the kitchen king recipe books for more details. 

Why should you Buy Kitchen King Masala from the Market?

Should you make the Kitchen King Masala at home? We don’t recommend it at all. Buying Kitchen King Masala from the market is convenient, saves your efforts, and offers the best flavours. Having said that, nothing matches the quality and taste of Jaipur Masala Company’s Kitchen King Masala. It is a homemade spice powder free from preservatives, artificial colours, or chemicals.

It does not contain any preservatives, artificial flavours, or chemicals. This 25-premium spice blend is 100% authentic and natural. The best part is that you can also use the Kitchen King Masala during the festive seasons. It is a 100% vegetarian mix that does not contain onion and garlic. It is an all-in-one masala for your Indian dishes. 

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