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5 Delicious Snacks To Enjoy With Chai

A steaming hot beverage that has charmed the hearts of Indians is none other than our all-time favourite tea. For the majority of us, a cup of kadak chai is required for breakfast, mid-meal snacks, evenings and pretty much the rest of the day. Drinking chai in the evening has become a normal routine in Indian homes since it helps in reducing the stress and weariness of the day.

It gives us time to unwind but the amazing part about tea is its adaptability. Not only because it comes in a variety of delectable preparations, but also because it can be paired with a wide range of foods that bring out its best flavours. Crispy, spicy, fried, or sweet -  we all look forward to teatime. It can be said that we find a reason to have a warm cup of masala chai with our favourite snacks. And, with this blog, we will suggest 5 tasty snacks to pair with a refreshing cup of masala chai. Read on!

5 Snacks Enjoyed With Chai

Biscuits - The combination of chai and biscuit is extremely popular in India. Chai is ideally served with semi-soggy, tea-dipped biscuits. Only we understand the basic pleasures of Parle biscuits, Marie biscuits, and Nice biscuits. Rusk, as a hard dry biscuit, has a perfectly suitable consistency that is diametrically opposed to that of tea. It is primal, simplistic and full of flavour. The basic taste is delicious but there are other cool flavoured ones available in the market such as ajwain and jeera.

Samosa - Samosa, one of the favourite snacks in every Indian home, is almost too good to be true. Samosas, with their crunchy crackling exterior and steaming scrumptious masala sabzi within, may make you drool at any moment. Pairing it with the kadak masala chai will make up for a perfect evening!
Paneer Pakoda - With handmade paneer pakoras, we can try fresh flavours every day. We can get creative with paneer pakoras by trying various ingredients in the batter and spices or adding other veggies, and we can elevate the tea-time experience by pairing it with an invigorating cup of chai.
Namak Paray - Namak Parays are one of the most loved and delicious in India.  We may purchase them or even prepare them as the recipe is extremely easy. Guess what? Meetha Paray is also a possibility as many of us like to have sweet snacks with tea.
Cake - Who says cake is just for special occasions? Having a piece of cake with great evening chai might be the most delectable treat of the day. Dried fruits and fruit pastries are delectable. They are healthy and wholesome. With tea, they quench our sweet hunger and make a compact excellent snack in the evening.

So, we can now enhance our tea time with simple yet extremely delectable snacks but the key is to get the taste of the tea right. Therefore, Jaipur Masala presents Chai Masala enriched with 9 premium spices that come without any preservatives or chemicals. The all-natural spices provide the perfect tea that can be enjoyed with a variety of snacks. Moreover, we also now have Kesar chai flavour available online. Enjoy homemade spices that are 100% authentic with this Chai Masala. Explore now!

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