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5 Mind-blowing Hacks To Make Your Gravy Taste Better

There is no denying that Indian cuisine is diverse. In each of our Indian recipes, we use a variety of different spices, herbs, and other ingredients. Yet when it comes to bringing out that distinct flavour in our home-cooked dishes, we cannot always make that happen. As a result, our food becomes monotonous. 

Thus, we can say it's difficult to get that one-of-a-kind flavour and break that cycle of monotony until we know how to prepare the same meal by enriching our dish with an extra punch of flavour and aroma. Hence, here is a list of 5 daily cooking tips for mastering the gravy of any meal. 

5 Cooking Tips to Obtain Satisfying Home-Cooked Meals

  1. Fried Onions for a more flavourful gravy

When the gravy seems monotonous, we can add some fried, crispy onions and transform its flavour and texture.

  1. Get that rich red gravy

The presentation of the dish is where we can win half the battle. Thus, for the rich red colour gravy add tomato paste, Kashmiri red chilli powder and a pinch of sugar in the oil before adding veggies or chicken in it. Saute on high heat till the oil clears and the tomatoes are cooked.

  1. Curd and Curry leaves can be a saviour

Boost the taste and flavour of the everyday gravy by sautéing the veggies with black mustard seeds and curry leaves. Whisk some curd with a sprinkle of sugar in it and add it to the gravy. Finally, add the Garam Masala before turning off the flame. The all-new delicious gravy is ready that's unique, delicious as well as easy to digest.

  1. Make the texture of the gravy creamy with rich cashew paste -

Although many of us dislike adding cream to our food we still want the texture of food to be rich and creamy. So, for better cooking, we can add cashew paste to the vegetables while roasting. The cashews give the gravy a thick and creamy texture. We can also add poppy seeds to paste for richer, tastier gravy.


  1. The key to perfect gravy is the masala used in it -

Masalas that are put into the Gravies can make or break the recipe. Therefore, the quality of the garam masala and condiments must be of superior quality. Not only the quality but the quantity of the different masalas should be in the perfect ratio. A simple approach to do this is to use blended masalas, such as Jaipur Masala Company's Kitchen King Masala which is all-in-all Subji Masala curated to enhance the everyday gravy as it contains spices in a balanced ratio. This culinary trick will change our perception of food, making it a more wholesome experience. Make sure to have fresh, aromatic and flavourful spices to enhance the taste of gravy.

Conclusion -

Find the perfect balance of spices to improve taste of your everyday gravy. Jaipur Masala Company brings to you a unique blend of aromatic Indian spices that will enhance the quality, flavour and taste of your gravy. The 25 premium blends of spices including black pepper, cinnamon, dry mango powder, cumin, coriander, turmeric, Kashmiri red chilli and 16+ other spices can be your all-in-one solution for everyday Indian food. Moreover, this homemade masala comes without any preservatives or chemicals. So get this exotic blend of authentic Kitchen King Masala from the Jaipur Masala Company today!

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